The Orenda Startup Part II 

    Pool pros all over the country are having success with the Orenda startup method and the results speak for themselves. We love it when another one stops the dust. But many people think the Orenda startup is just a calcium startup and that's not the case. They Orenda startup is based on the LSI, not just calcium alone. And this may sound confusing because the LSI measures calcium saturation, we know, but rather than the desired calcium level our startup focuses on the desired LSI range and there are many ways to balance the LSI beyond just adding calcium chloride as the pool is filling. 

    If you want to learn more about our startup procedure, we have a video that details the entire process for you to check out.

    Our startup is heavily dependent on timing and the sequence of events. So we strongly encourage continuing education and the refining of techniques to adopt best practices. I hope this sets the record straight about what the Orenda startup is all about and also shares its limitations.