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    The Orenda Startup™ Resources

    Welcome to our resource page for the Orenda Startup™ procedure! This process has evolved over the years out of necessity to protect new plaster from aggressive water. Filling a pool with slightly positive LSI balanced water should prevent the loss of calcium hydroxide from cement. That's the primary goal of The Orenda Startup™. No loss of calcium hydroxide means no plaster dust.
    Below we have our startup videos and links to our step-by-step procedures. If you still have further questions, contact us for support, or schedule a virtual meeting with us for a walkthrough. But please use these resources we have created for you before booking training with us. Most questions we get are already answered in the materials below. Thank you!





    The Official Orenda Startup™ walkthrough video


    The Orenda Startup™ Days 1-5


    The Orenda Startup™ is about LSI, not just calcium


    No plaster dust: a comparison startup by Blue Moon Pools (San Diego CA)


    Stay tuned for more videos in the future!