The Orenda Program: Overview 

Based on 10,000 gallons

(37, 855 Litres)

Day 1

  1. Test water chemistry, and input readings into the Orenda calculator. Email results to yourself for your records. Test for phosphates as well.
  2. Balance the water (according to the LSI). The calculator will tell you what you need.
  3. Purge the pool with Orenda products:
    1. 1 quart (32 oz.) of CV-600/700 enzymes
    2. 8 oz of PR-10,000 phosphate remover, or whatever the dosing chart on the bottle tells you to use, based on your phosphate readings.
    3. 1 quart (32 oz.) of SC-1000 scale and metal control
      • *SC-1000 will initially wipe out chlorine for about 48 hours, so you must hand-feed chlorine to catch up.
      • Once caught up, maintenance doses of SC-1000 do not noticeably lower chlorine levels.


Week 2

  1. Re-test water chemistry, including phosphates. Adjust pool to LSI balance
    1. If you still have phosphates over 200ppb, we recommend using PR-10,000 as needed. Do not exceed 8 oz./10,000 gallons at a time.
    2. Clean filter as needed from phosphate remover precipitate
  2. Weekly maintenance dosing of Orenda Products:
    1. 3-5 oz. of CV-600/700 enzymes
    2. 3 oz. of SC-1000 scale and metal control
  3. Note your chlorine consumption. It may improve with use of Orenda products.



Always test water and balance the LSI; the Orenda calculator makes it easy. Consider using unstabilized chlorine once you have 15-30 ppm cyanuric acid (CYA) in the pool.

15-30 ppm is plenty for sun protection, yet low enough for adequate sanitation of the water.


Only use PR-10,000 on an as-needed basis, and follow the dosing instructions on the bottle.


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