5-Day Startup Guide: Specifics

Based on 10,000 gallons (37,855 L)

NOTE: Pre-dissolve all dry chemicals in water prior to adding to the pool. Never throw dry chemicals directly into the pool, and never allow chemicals sitting directly on pool surface.

Filling the pool after plastering has been completed

    1. Tap water should have already been tested and the Orenda LSI calculator will have shown you how much calcium chloride [77% flake or 94% prill] and sodium bicarbonate will be needed to achieve:
      1. *LSI ideally between +0.20 to +0.29, with a maximum +0.49
      2. Enough calcium hardness to achieve over 0.00 LSI on fill up day. Usually, 300 ppm calcium hardness is desired. With tap water over 75º F, 300 ppm may be higher than necessary.
      3. Enough alkalinity to get the total LSI to +0.20, as stated in point 1. Usually this is a minimum 100 ppm. 

*Based on our experience, and understanding of how plaster cures, the LSI is what matters most. Whether you use calcium or bicarb on the first day depends on your tap water chemistry. On fill up day, one of these additives must get your water's LSI above 0.00. The next day, the other additive should get you to +0.20 with a max of +0.49 as stated in Point 1. 
    1. Pre-dissolve the prescribed amount of calcium chloride in the Orenda Startup Barrel or 5-gallon buckets. If using the Orenda Startup Barrel™, place it on the edge of the pool. If you're using the barrel, add 8 ounces of muriatic acid and 8 ounces of SC-1000 to help keep the calcium in solution while it is in the barrel. 
    2. Hook up as many hoses as possible (at least two spigots) to fill the pool and one dedicated hose for the Orenda Startup Barrel™, if applicable.
      1. Make sure you use a clean rag or sock on the end of any hose in the pool to minimize turbulence and protect the surface from direct contact with the metal end of the hose. Be aware that hoses can leave marks on a new pool surface, so try to keep them from making direct contact with the pool walls by using floats (like empty water bottles taped to the hose).
    3. Turn on all the water to fill the pool. The dedicated hose to the Orenda Startup Barrel™ should be a gentle, steady flow of water, which will overflow the calcium-rich water into the pool. DO NOT turn the hose on full blast through the barrel.
    4. When there are just a couple of inches of water in the pool, pour Orenda SC-1000 startup dose (one quart per 10,000 gallons) down the vacuum hose of the barrel into the pool. Alternatively, you can add SC-1000 directly if wearing the appropriate sponge footwear.
    5. Ensure all valves and connections on the Orenda Startup Barrel™ are sealed and working properly before leaving.

    Pool with Spa

    1. Fill the spa with water before filling the pool.
    2. While the spa is filling, dissolve 2 pounds of calcium into a bucket and pour into the spa. 
    3. Add 8 oz of Orenda SC-1000 to the spa. 
    4. When the spa is roughly 3/4 way full, add 4 oz of pre-diluted muriatic acid to the spa. 
    5. Gently stir the water in the spa (without spilling the water over the spillway if there is one).

    Day 1: Once the pool is full of water

    1. Fire up the equipment and begin circulation.
    2. Brush vacuum (NOT wheeled vacuum) the entire pool and spa to get any residual dirt/debris off the surface.
    3. Check water chemistry (after you brush vacuum). Input test results in the Orenda LSI Calculator App. Keep LSI between +0.20 - +0.50.
    4. Adjust alkalinity with sodium bicarbonate if needed. Adjust pH to 7.5-7.8
    5. Do NOT add salt or cyanuric acid for 30 days. Do not add chlorine until day 3.
    6. Brush pool and spa thoroughly before leaving.

    Days 2-4

    1. Check chemical levels. Maintain an LSI between +0.20 - +0.50.
    2. Add non-stabilized chlorine on Day 3, no more than 3-5 ppm. Again, do NOT add cyanuric acid or salt for the first 30 days.
    3. Brush pool and spa thoroughly before leaving.

    Day 5

    1. Test water chemistry and adjust the LSI down to 0.0 - +0.3 using the Orenda LSI Calculator App.
    2. Add one quart of Orenda CV-600 or CV-700 enzymes.
    3. Brush the pool and brush vacuum (not a wheeled vacuum).
    4. The pool should be ready for the homeowner to take over at this point.

    Day 30

    1. Add CYA and/or salt if necessary. Keep the CYA level below 30 ppm.

    Additional Information Disclaimer

    The Orenda Startup Barrel™ should only be operated by a pool industry professional.

    These are Orenda Technologies recommendations but we are not liable for the use of calcium chloride and/or the build out or purchase of fill tanks.

    Calcium chloride in water gets extremely hot and can cause burns.

    Appropriate eye and skin protection should be worn while handling chemicals.

    Use at your own risk and liability.