How To Use Orenda Enzymes

Based on 10,000 gallons

(37, 855 Litres)

Purge Dose

  1. One quart
    1. For a high infestation of White Fly, a two quart purge will be necessary


Weekly Maintenance

  1. Use 4-5 ounces for Residential Pools
  2. Use 10-15 ounces for Commercial Pools
  3. Increase maintenance dose if trees have not been treated for White Fly. Maintenance dose is adjusted to the amount of non-living organic waste in the pool
  4. The use of SC-1000 will assist in regulating metals, therein increasing enzyme efficacy


Additional information

CV-600/700 are NSF certified and can be put on a feeder. Enzymes will not bind filtration, but work to maximize the functionality and cleanliness of your equipment and filtration. It is recommended that your chlorine levels do not exceed 10 ppm.


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