Opening and Closing a Pool

Based on 10,000 gallons
(37, 855 Litres)

Fall Closing/Winterization (At least 24 hours prior to closing day)
  1. Use the Orenda App LSI Calculator to balance the water to the future winter temperature. The calculator will tell you exactly what you need.
  2. Add up to 8 oz. of PR-10,000 phosphate remover.
  3. Purge the pool with 1 qt. (32 oz.) of CV-600 enzymes.
Fall Closing/Winterization (final day)
  1. Test water chemistry again, and make sure you have enough calcium, alkalinity and pH to sustain LSI balance in the winter.
  2. Vacuum the pool and clean the filter
  3. Winterize as normal: lower water level, clear plumbing lines, cover the pool, etc.
Spring Opening (recommended after pollen season, if possible)
  1. Test water chemistry, and input readings into the Orenda calculator. Balance the water (according to the LSI). The calculator will tell you what you need.
  2. Purge the pool with Orenda products:
    *SC-1000 will initially wipe out chlorine for about 48 hours, so you must hand-feed chlorine to catch up.
    a. 1 qt. (32 oz.) of CV-600/700 enzymes
    b. 8 oz. of PR-10,000 phosphate remover, or whatever the dosing chart on the bottle tells you to use, based on your phosphate readings.
    c. 1 qt (32 oz.) of SC-1000 scale and metal control
    d. 4 oz. of CE-Clarifier after using PR-10,000
  3. Brush pool, clean, vacuum, etc. as you normally would.

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