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Harold's Message To New Students

Hello, I’m Harold Evans, with Orenda. I began my career in the pool industry in 1984 when I started The Pool Surgeon in Dallas, Texas. Being a chemical manufacturer was not in my plan.

I found Orenda by chance in 2004 while seeking solutions for my repair business. We were having equipment performance issues with new startups. Orenda products provided solutions for these problems. That's when I started digging into why “perfect” water chemistry could exhibit problems, and my observation of the contradictions in our industry was alarming.

It occurred to me that my problems were shared by others and that these solutions would apply far beyond my world. My lifelong ambition to help others is satisfied everyday and it is my mission to change the way the world thinks about water.

Thank you for your time and trust, we look forward to serving you in the future.








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Free LSI Calculator | Dosing App

Pool operators and service professionals have a tough job to do. Pool owners expect their service experts to know exactly what to do, and when to do it. We created the Orenda App dosing calculator to help ease that burden.
The objective here is simple: maintain ideal LSI year-round. You can use the Orenda App to dose your pool each visit, and it will show you what the current and desired LSI will be. The app simplifies a pool route and gives you control over the LSI balance of your pool. Knowing what the water wants–ideal calcium saturation–allows us to maintain control of our water chemistry. 
Besides the dosing calculator, the Orenda App features videosour blog, and product descriptions, complete with MSDS sheets. Explore the app and please leave us a review in the App Store or GooglePlay!

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At Orenda we take education seriously.
Our educational resources are provided at no cost.
Our goal is to provide our best understanding on these topics based on credited sources in the industry.
We believe that we can improve the industry through education and will continue to do this through on site training, resources found on our website and live demonstrations in the field.  

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